d. 1785 Daniel Horry was born in South Carolina, the son of a prominent French Huguenot Santee River plantation owner. He married Harriott Pinckney in 1769 and they and their two children, Daniel and Harriott, lived at Hampton plantation, now a South Carolina state park. Horry served as a member of the Assembly, justice of the peace, and a local commissioner. He was a colonel of Light Dragoons in the Revolutionary War, but to protect his extensive properties from seizure he took British protection when the British army defeated American forces and occupied Charleston in 1780. Believing that the British would prevail over patriot forces, he took his young son Daniel to England to be educated in the summer of 1781, and while there was admitted to the Middle Temple; unfortunately for him by the end of 1782 the British had been defeated and Charleston returned to patriot control. Despite his previous service and his family’s contributions to the American military, Horry’s estate was amerced twelve percent of its total value. He returned to South Carolina, leaving young Daniel behind in London in school, and died in 1785.