1699-1758 Charles Pinckney (1699-1758) was a planter and politician in colonial South Carolina, and the colony’s first native-born attorney. He was born 13 August 1699 in Charles Town, South Carolina, the second of three sons of Thomas Pinckney (1666–1705), a merchant, and his second wife, Mary Cotesworth. Both his parents were originally from County Durham in England. He met his first wife, Elizabeth Lamb, the daughter of John Lamb of St Dunstan's parish, London, while pursuing his education in England. The couple was married on September 15, 1726 in St Paul's Cathedral in London. They had no children, although Charles and Elizabeth took into their home and fostered his nephew Charles Pinckney (1731-1782) the second son of his brother William Pinckney (1704- 1766). Elizabeth/Eliza Lucas became his second wife in May, 1744 after Elizabeth Lamb Pinckney’s death in January of 1744. This second marriage produced three surviving children: Charles Cotesworth Pinckney (1746–1825), Harriott (1748–1830), and Thomas (1750–1828). Pinckney's political career began in 1729, when he was elected to the South Carolina Commons House of Assembly for St. Philip Parish (Charles Town). As an assemblyman Pinckney championed the lower house in its contests against the governor and council. From 1736 to 1740 he was unanimously chosen Speaker of the House. In 1741 he was appointed to the South Carolina royal council. Upon the sudden death of the colony's chief justice, Governor James Glen offered Pinckney the post, and he was sworn in on 22 September 1752. But in the spring of 1753 word reached Charles Town that rather than confirm Pinckney's appointment, George II had given the chief justiceship to someone else. Disappointed, Pinckney decided to leave South Carolina. For five years he resided with his family in England (first in London, and later at Ripley in Surrey). For most of that time, he served as an agent for the colony to the Board of Trade. On his return to South Carolina in 1758 Pinckney contracted malaria and died on 12 July 1758 at Jacob Motte’s house, in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina. Contribute to the Wikipedia biography of Charles Pinckney.