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NEWS: CHOICE MAGAZINE AWARD: The Digital Edition of the Papers of Eliza Lucas Pinckney and Harriott Pinckney Horry has been named an Outstanding Academic Title for 2013 by the American Library Associaton's Choice magazine. This selective list places our edition among the top ten percent of the over 7,000 titles reviewed by the magazine annually.  

PINCKNEY REVOLUTIONARY STATESMEN GRANT AWARDED: In July 2013, Dr. Constance Schulz was awarded an National Endowment of Humanities grant to begin a new born-digital edition, The Pinckney Revolutionary Era Statesmen. The new edition will publish the papers of Charles Cotesworth Pinckney (1746-1825), his brother Thomas Pinckney (1750-1828), and their cousin, Charles Pinckney (1756-1824). All three men were close relatives of Eliza Lucas Pinckney and Harriott Pinckney Horry, and all three were deeply involved in the American Revolutionary and early national periods serving as military, political, diplomatic and economic leaders. The project, which began work in October 2013 in partnership with the University of South Carolina, will be published by the University of Virginia Press in its Rotunda "Founding Era Collection." For more information, go to "About the Project" on the top menu bar.